Frequently Asked Questions

What can an Astrology Reading tell me?

Probably more than you would think. Using basic information (name, date, time, and place of birth),  strong impressions of personality, life choices, opportunities, and challenges can be described. For example, it typically becomes obvious when looking over a chart why a person is seeking a reading now. Also, in the case of relationships, having a “disinterested third party” accurately describe attributes of 2 people to each other can be very insightful. Further, the Timing of an act or enterprise can give clues to the outcome or surrounding energies.

How does Astrology work?

When we take in our first breath, we inhale the cosmos and imprint that moment on our bodies and souls. The birth moment carries a flavor that stays with us and unfolds over time and experience. Other factors also are in play.

Astrophysicists are beginning to understand that space is not empty. All planets give off an electromagnetic frequency, whether detected or not. The affects of this have been studied thru Astrology for thousands of years. For example, we have our own tides, just like the ocean.

Is Astrology fatalistic?

Astrology is not fatalistic. We all have our own free will to choose to act from our strengths, modify and address our weaknesses, and choose and re-choose our paths. Astrology can show us natural power points and possible pitfalls, as well as timing issues and opportunities. We are responsible for ourselves.

What about Nature and Nurture?

We are also affected by other cultural and family inputs and values.

What if I don’t know anything about Astrology?

The readings can be on any level, and we are committed to unraveling the mystery of this art and science.

 What if I am very knowledgeable already?.

 An additional opinion typically will highlight different yet related ways of seeing thru this lens. Also, this is a teaching tool for any student to expand thru.

I was supposed to be born on this date, but was born on another date. How does that affect the horoscope and reading?

It doesn’t. Your horoscope is cast for first breath. Everyone is born when they are supposed to be born. Yet we all have unique and interesting stories surrounding birth.

Can Astrology help me navigate my relationships?


Lovers (and potential) can have a third party viewpoint that is neutral but advocates for both- and explains your quirks to your partner and vice versa!

Family insights regarding natural personalities and timing can help with understanding and best timing.

In Business, understanding the personalities of those you deal with can be very useful. Also, the best timing of deals and endeavors can  bring potent rewards and dividends- such as for example- Real Estate.

Can Astrology determine the best places to live or visit?

There are two methods here.

Astro*Cartography is a recent and popular adaptation which places your Horoscope over a 3 dimensional rendering of the world, with potential power spots and places to avoid- as well as many neutral zones.

Also, if a specific place is a focus, the chart of the city can be compared with your own Horoscope. Also, a chart can be cast for when you moved to a certain place, etc.

I don’t know my birth time. Can you still do a Horoscope Reading?

With unknown birth time, we can use life events, family, and personality, etc, to deduce a potentially accurate chart. This called Rectification.

Otherwise, Astrologers typically cast a chart for dawn on the day that you were born, and go from there.

What about Astrological Reports?

These can be entertaining and somewhat useful for beginners, yet also somewhat misleading thru contradictions that are not sorted out by the computer. They certainly do not have the depth and specific focus of a personal reading.

I was born on a day that sometimes shows up as the last day of a sign or the first day of the next sign. Can you explain this confusion?

Signs are not measured by days but degrees. Every circle has 360 degrees. As there are 12 signs, when 30 degrees of one sign is reached, it becomes 0 degrees of the next sign. This is called a “cusp”

Our year adds a quarter day each year until Leap Year, so the exact time of your Solar Return (birthday) varies a little for everyone over the course of 4 years.

A person who is truly born on a cusp embodies characteristics of both signs.

What about the 13th Sign Controversy?

Tropical or Western Astrology, which is what we practice, has 12 signs based on the 4 seasons being divided into 3 parts.

There are also 13 + 1/3 Lunar Months in a Solar Year. Insights into the Lunar Months often yields satisfaction regarding this question.

This controversy and the following one, are brought up over and over and are not new, but familiarity with the science of Astrology usually allows for great insight here.

The Constellations have shifted a lot. Is Astrology still valid?

The branch of Astrology that uses the constellations directly is called Vedic (also BioDynamic). This field is valid for many other reasons. Your planets in a Vedic Horoscope will often be almost a sign earlier but in the same houses as in Western.

B) My planets are in different signs in a Vedic Horoscope. Please explain.

While the Constellations and Stars continue to move as seen from the Earth, Western or Tropical Astrology, (which is usually what is referred to as “Astrology”) begins the year at the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and uses the four seasons which are then trisected into a total of 12 signs. This lined up with the constellations about 2000 years ago, and now they are about almost one sign off. This system projects out from the world to the stars, not the other way around. Astrology is much older than 2000 years.

Scientists who continually make headlines rediscovering the discrepancy between the constellations and the Astrological Year also do not realize how embarrassing their ignorance is  on the subject.