Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Friday, January 10th, peaking at 11:13 AM PST (West Coast Time)

Lunar Eclipse during this month’s Super Full Moon in Cancer, and no it’s not visible in the Northern Hemisphere . This is especially significant since there are four planets and a major Asteroid in conjunxion opposite this polarizing and emotional stimulator.

Can we see it? No, a Lunar Eclipse is a special Full Moon and this peaks during our daytime when the Moon is not visible.

What is a Super Moon, then?

It is a time in the year when the Full Moon is very large and closer to the Earth than is typical. Therefore, exerting stronger than usual influence and gravitational “pull”.

  • The Sun — Prana life force and energy of the day
  • Mercury — Mental matters and communications
  • Saturn — Long range plans, definitions and boundaries, grounding to Earth and practical matters including politix and law.
  • Pluto — Transformation and intense shift or change, especially regarding the above mentioned Earthly matter, law, politix, and long range planning for example, career.
  • The Largest Asteroid Ceres –-Productivity and nurturing, growing things and goods, the health and vitality of the planet, crops, nature.

This point is a crossroad that then brings in and redefines the future.

Picture it as a fulcrum point toward setting the goals of the future and practical applications of your plans, including the transformations that are unexpected but life changing in their occurring in the present. The deck gets reshuffled, and a hand is dealt that plays out in a matter of weeks and months ,especially being pronounced into the Summer.

This is a crossroad into the future, and decisions that are made right now can be very important and life changing.  Shift happens and lasts. Do not let this time go by without making a significant focus, change, attitude, decision, direxion, or otherwise going past concepts to deciding how you wish to spend the next segment of your life.

This is great news for most Earth signs and related practical but flexible people. If you have one or more planets in the middle to end of Libra or Aries, it could be another matter. What is your relationship to later degrees of Capricorn and in what house is this occurring for you? That is the central question. A time like this will focus much celestial energy in a pinpoint fashion on your chart, focus being the opposite of diversity.

Full Moon In Cancer

The Moon being in Cancer will bring forth the importance of home and family, and domestic emotional situations of all sorts. Extreme emotions may come to a head, especially with the opposition to Mercury, which brings forth the duality and balance or imbalance of mind and heart.

Your own reading on this will vary with your own horoscopic makeup, especially regarding the houses that this Grand Conjunxion will stimulate for you.

Don’t say I never warmed you.

One thought on “Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

  1. I just became aware of you this morning, so not familiar with your works. I’m also a 50 year astrologer, although, as an introverted loner, mostly using it only for personal insight. My biggest influence has been Dane Rudhyar, whose last two conferences I attended, and actually assisted him in his move, from Palo Alto, CA to San Francisco, the year before his death. I recently moved from CA to Salem, OR to escape the floods and fires near me in Santa Rosa. There, I had been a student of Rio Olesky. I love OR more than I ever imagined! 🙂
    Interesting times we’re experiencing!


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