Capricorn Eclipse 2019

All of this is happening now!

  • New Moon in Capricorn 12/25 Solar Eclipse 9:13 PM PST
  • Sun Enters Capricorn, Winter Begins 12/21 8:20 PM
  • Two Eclipses, Grand Conjunxion in Capricorn

What does that phrase mean to you? To me, it is a reminder of everything that has been cooking on the Earth plane, that the crops are getting ripe, and that the harvest of the old ignites the New Year like a set of delayed fireworx. Everything changes. Nothing is stagnant, even while the movement is quite physical as well as ideological.

In fact, the ideals are not necessary logical, just overwhelming at this time. This is because the New Moon that began Christmas night is in trine with that pesky and rebellious Uranus, rolling on his side and laughing at everything from right angles, even while being in trine- which makes the effex all the more slippery and flowing.

Most important is that this lunation is also a Solar Eclipse. (Most people then ask- “Is it visible?” as if it doesn’t affect us if unseeable. Here is the clue and the answer- Solar Eclipses are visible only in the day and Lunar Eclipses only at night. When you see the times given for the West Coast US here (PST), the Solar is at night and the Lunar is in the day. So, no, neither are for most of us.)

This is a special time with the darkest moments occurring right before Xmas with that dark Moon from the Solstice (already the darkest day of the year, and why we are so cross-culturally motivated to inspire light ceremonies at this time) to Xmas night (not eve). This implies a deep examination of the shadow and challenges to our brightness during the darkest moment. But in those moments, the stars shine the brightest, so this also reminds of us of what is important in our lives. We can expect lots of changes in situation and rectification during the last week of the year.

Grand Conjunxion In Capricorn

This is also the shepherding in of a Grand Conjunxion in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto have been here awhile, dancing closer and closer to their first conjunxion in 35 years, also a transformative turning on earth and regarding political and worldly matters.

Then Saturn is joined in turn in Capricorn by Jupiter on 12/3 (not part of this conjunxion tho), Mercury on 12/28, and the all important (largest) Asteroid or Minor Planet Ceres, symbol of nurturing and productivity here on Earth (again).

Of these, Mercury and Jupiter coalesce together in conjunxion early January for a few days, which should be highly beneficial for writing, teaching, organization, and outreach. Also travel and putting expansive ideas into form. There are many advantageous ways to use this energy, and resistance is futile, so get onto it!

Also, the presence of the South Node should be mentioned, strongly influencing our abilities to take full advantage of this earthen tide. South Node implies the reaping of your sowing, so if you have been storing nuts for the winter, figuratively speaking, this is a great time to crack them and enjoy the harvest, but for most of us there are the undercurrents of family and emotions and all that is familiar or habitual which could slow us down as we deal with all that residual karma that we have manufactured in abundance.

Mercury speeds along thru Capricorn and moves into Aquarius on 1/17/20, but before it does, there is that exact Grand Conjunxion in Capricorn in which everything changes. It would be unfair to generalize what this means for everyone, that is what a reading is for!

The building blox are the Sun (personal endeavors and the flow of life), Saturn (stability and commitment, law and politix) conjunct Pluto (transformation on Earth, the moving and shaking and morphing into the next form after a crisis) conjunct Mercury (mind, communication, mental matters and process) and conjunct Ceres (divine mother, nurturing, productivity, output)- all five of these will be unified in about the same degree of the same sign during mid January. Add Jupiter and the South Node and it becomes a powerful formula for personal and planetary shifting into the next phase, whatever that means.

The most important clue is that these planets merge together in primarily one house for you, which could be any of the 12, and that they are making some aspect (or not) to your other planets. So there is extreme movement here that is super important but will affect each of us very differently and distinctly depending on chart and birth time. For example, those born in the early 1980’s will also have all of these 5 planets in square (stressful) to their Plutoes natally, while those born in the mid 1960’s will have all of these in trine to that crazy Uranus-Pluto conjunxion that brought us so much social change when it happened. Each situation is both powerful and particular and really unfair to generalize beyond the intensity and totality of the scope. Most of us will have some strong aspect to these.

For almost all of us, it will not be a time to be passive but to activate towards what you are most attracted to and heading toward. Climb that mountain and set out on the set of goals and assets you set up. Time to do and accomplish.  We learn most thru doing and thru moving past fear to new and unknown places. This theme plays out over the entire calendar year.

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10th

Then there is that Super Moon. This is always the Full Moon in January with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer, and the Full Moon at the opposite time of the year, when the Sun is in Cancer and the Full Moon is in Capricorn. But this year, it is also a Lunar Eclipse, just as the Moon is in the polar opposite place as the Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, and Mercury.

The Moon is the emotional environment, and feelings come to a head during the Full Moon. The time before he FM is a time for energy building, then there is a release under the Full Moon and immediately after for the next two weeks. A Lunar Eclipse is always a powerfully emotional time, this one being triply so with the presence of Cancer Moon and Super Moon, visibly huge as it is closer to Earth now, and why it is seen as a SuperMoon. So this is the time to pay attention to.

Family concerns will be strong, and emotions will run high. Do not take outbursts too seriously at this time, but also use the emotions as a wave to ride for the other goals that you should be tuning into under this extreme aspect.

If in doubt, sort it out- with a reading.

A suggestion for a “New Year’s Resolution” could be not what to give up but what to go towards. There is your essay question.

Mars moving into Sagittarius on 1/3 should give some spark to that fire, be honest and robust in attitude in January.

Uranus will also be going direct, forward again beginning in January after stationary all December. Another planet adding to the earthly weight of potential liberation thru earthquake and transformation.

Don’t let appearance get you down. Energy is about to change rapidly in surprising ways. Center yourself for a surprising wild ride to come, and be watchful for the “sneaker waves” in life.

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