Special Edition Astro Update

Special Events Happening Now

What's Happening Now

  • Mercury entering Gemini, May 11th 2020 
  • Mars enters Pisces, May 13th 2020
  • Saturn Retrograde beginning May 10th, 2020
  • Jupiter Retrograde beginning  May 14th, 2020
  • Venus Retrograde, beginning May 12th, 2020

Remembering To Breathe

This time is very special and unique in a number of ways — not just the doom & gloom and potential for economic and social structures to collapse, or the fear of death or infexion. This is a much larger transition, and during extreme times, the potential for seizing the moment and shaping it into an unanticipated evolution is also in play.

This is best exemplified by the recent transits involving rebellious and unpredictable Uranus- who laughs at our collective confusion. Yet in addition, under the last two weeks of this lunation, that is, in the dispersing time from 5/8-22, alot will shift.

The Most Significant Portals

Mercury entering Gemini  (networking, learning new things, sharing, communication)
Mars enters Pisces– sign of compassion and giving, on 5/12 and joining Ceres here
(and these two are then in a brief stressful Square). A little short term communication frustration here, or perhaps overwhelm. We need moments to give and receive compassion daily, especially now!

The Retrograding of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus

Many people who take stock in Astrology often fear the retrogrades, especially and noticeably Mercury Retrograde (we have another month before that one comes around again). All of the planets seem to Retrograde during the year, with Venus and Mars every two years and Mercury 3 times a year.

But there is nothing to fear here. The concern is that everything related to the planet comes undone, but there is a wider influence than that. A retrograde allows us to take stock and to look back on the recent past and undo from the past or at least learn from it. I call it the necessary exhale.

It is a part of the cycle, which until recently, has been harder to fathom because we were all primed to follow the cultural standard of growing, expanding, and becoming moreso, in the context of the adage “grow the economy”. Now we are being motivated to reassess our lives, livelihoods, and goals for the future. Some of us are experiencing unknowns from the Uranian surprise of everything being different from previous plans and logic, and others from the disruptions of plans and a lifestyle that was dependent on direct social interaxions with others- individually or large groups.

Time To Reexamine

Jupiter Retrograding is the most benign generally, implying abundance that can slip thru our fingers such as investing time and money just to stay afloat in our businesses and endeavors, and creative outreach and ideas with which to build a future. Restructuring into abundance over the Summer.

Saturn has just moved into Aquarius, and is about to Retrograde and then move back into Capricorn until the end of the year. Saturn in Aquarius can be a very hopeful time for people, new ideas, and cooperation. Much of this will bear fruit beginning early next year as both Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius together in conjunxion in December. This conjunxion happens every 20 years and is always highly significant, but we’re not there yet.

Good news in the long term, yet, no surprise here. These Retrogrades can bring up challenges in the present and near future. Saturn and Jupiter move out of Retrograde in September, which is when we can also move forward beyond present considerations. I should also mention that there is a shadow time for all retrogrades that expands the timeframe of their influence on either end.

All About Venus

Venus has to do with luxury, jewelry and adornments, love, money, suxess, self esteem- a long and pertinent list, especially affecting things like mass gatherings, massage, music and art performance, etc. There is always a downturn of the above every other year under Venus Retrograde, but no doubt this time it will be pronounced and more extreme.

What To Do ?

Breathe, exhale. Find your inner strength. Go beyond being bolstered by others and remember self love. We can only love others as much as we can love and accept our selves. So that is the task at hand.

Do a mantra of: “I love myself…unconditionally”. Try saying this to yourself, hands on heart, 12 times as slowly as possible, with 3 full breaths in between.

You may find as I have that this is easier said than done, and getting thru 12 rounds will bring up unexpected challenges. So do this every day, and your attitude will change, thru repetition or introspexion.

Venus is Retrograde until July 1st, with about two weeks on either end of shadow time. Between these 3 retrogrades (with Jupiter and Saturn), we will be directly facing the challenges of release from the past, including logical expectations regarding our plans, goals, and economic futures. And we may have to do this at a safe distance from all of the physical love and touch that has previously gotten us thru.

So, how to navigate? Remember to breathe, and that all love, generosity, and grounding starts and ends with our selves, and is projected and radiated out from there. The heart is the middle of our physical and ethereal bodies. Breathe out from the center to infuse the universe.

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