Gemini New Moon 2020 Update

Gemini Lunation 2020

Plan it with the Planets!

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Sun Enters Gemini 5/20 7 AM Pdt

New Moon in Gemini 5/22 10:39 AM Pdt

Full Moon in Sagittarius 6/5 Noon- nonvisible Lunar Eclipse

Duality and Diversity Offers Many Options


As we cruise into Geminian times, we are both reminded of and stimulated by the diversity of the opportunities and challenges that are present in our lives.

Many planets in Earth Signs are reminding us of practicalities and material strategies, while Sun, Mercury, Venus, etc, are engaging us in the endless possibilities that could be had when we strategize for our social balance in an age of learning to engage at a distance.

How to sort it all out? First, each individual is now facing a shopping list of navigation that varies from person to person, place to place. In fact, our relationship to place will become more profound and obvious as the Summer rolls into view- but that is under the Cancer lunation and the next invisible Solar Eclipse which happens a month from now, right after Summer Solstice.

This moment is a crossroads for finding one’s center in a swirl of intensity and unforseen challenges. Yet nothing is surmountable, and there are really more variety of choices that can be made now than ever before, we just have to see them.

One challenge is that Geminian influences can overwhelm with the kaleidoscope of possibility and duality, and that can make our head spin in a way that is distracting and ungrounding. So, the advice is to 1) take every day as it comes- as a unique opportunity for change, and, 2) be aware but not overwhelmed by the potential in the future for earthly matters such as time and money to have a clever, unique, and previously unforseen benefit and outcome.

On the one hand, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Gemini now, (and the New Moon also for a few days), which stimulates the mind, communication, the potential for endless video and Zoom talks- as well as reaching out as best we can in communication with those who are dear to us and to those who we are remembering to check in with. What dear friend have you forgotten to acknowledge in this swirl?

On the other hand, most of us are having the heavy hand of practicality pre-determine our circumstances and potential outcomes- some of which may be quite dire and serious. This is especially true for those of us invested in the social umbrella of interaction as primary source of livelihood- such as the Venusian livelihoods of mass gatherings, massage, jewelry and clothes, concert bling, and so on.

Briefly, Venus being retrograde in Gemini from mid May to July 1st, with a shadow energy adding a month on either side, implies that there could be struggles with both finances and social life during this time period. No surprise there. Yet it is a time when we can use the reflection time of isolation and social distancing to reassess our personal relationships and what truly matters to us.

Humyns tend to be social beings, so isolation will bring up, for most, issues of self worth and validation, and the inner effex of isolation interpreted as abandonment. It’s not, of course, but our emotional bodies are not used to this sort of thing, especially with Summer looming as both opportunity and mystery.

Mercury here in Gemini, conjunct Venus at New Moon time and square to Neptune, also stimulates the many myriad micro movement of our minds. If your self worth and engagement with others socially was a measurement of your inner self and projexion of same, then the advice here is that this is a powerful time to let go into new possibilities. Surrendering to not knowing for a short time is often a good key.

Yet Mars and Asteroid Ceres, now recognized as a minor planet (even tho Pluto was inappropriately demoted), have both moved into Pisces and are a reminder both to keep our hearts open and also that we are never alone, being psychically connected to so many others thru our previous cords and threads, as well as love and caring. Reach out to those who may be suffering now with compassion and material support.

Venus is not the only Retrograde planet at this time. At April’s end, Pluto went retrograde, followed by Jupiter and Saturn in mid May, and others will follow.

Many of us have a hard time seeing the benefit of retrograde planets. Yet they are the necessary exhale of the recent past as defined by the planet, and are not only useful but as necessary as day and night, sleep and waking, inhaling and exhaling. For example, Venus retrograde gives us a chance to release from the past socially. Jupiter retrograde allows us to integrate a different truth regarding material situations and opportunities, and Saturn is a direct reassessment of where we are on Earth and what we wish to dedicate time and space to over the next year or so.


Question: If you could restructure our lives now, how would you do it?

The retrogrades are a time of re-examine the past so that we can clearly project the future. In this phase, it is about our social attitudes and expectations, money and finance, long term ambitions and goals, personal and planetary transformations, and envisioning both a new world and the opportunities that we can create.

At this time, what is most important is the keyword “unprecedented”. That is both the situation and implies the solution. Nothing is more outlandish than what is occurring, so don’t limit the outcome by your past assumptions and judgments either- or you will inherit a world of limitation defined by the most aggressive dreamers and doers.

Retrogrades are not a backsliding. They are seeds of insights for Nature’s mandate at this time, which is demanding that all of us take a time out to reassess. Remember “time outs” from childhood? Chill out and integrate, re-examine behavior and positively projecting our selves into success and it can be had. Most of us learned this lesson around kindergarten, it is time to remember what we learned to navigate the future path when we wake up from the cultural induced “nap”.

Clever and creative visioning now in the realm of ideas rains down and fertilizes our futures. This serendipity is a release into something new and unprecedented, which will take form by Summer’s end, in September, when the Capricornian planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto move out of retrograde, and we apply these intentions once more in the landscape of Fall and Winter.

Blessings on your path!


In Other News…

We have been greenlighted by the State of OR for small gatherings of up to 25 people this Summer, which our LivingWell Nature Spirit Sanxuary is well adapted for. Our first event will be “Astrological Relationships” this Sunday 5/31, with a limit of ten participants. Contact us soon if you wish to come. More news of our yearly FireWalk to follow.



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