Planets are living embodiments of archetypal attributes in Astrology and beyond.

Both the months and the days of the week are inspired by the planets and signs.


Inner self, prana energy, joy of life, shining and full, creativity. Dark Side = depletion and burnout


Moods, emotions, feelings, impressions gut, food and nurturing
DS= Overly emotional, smothering


Intellect and mental aspex in swift movement, verbal and interactive
DS= Overly mental and removed from feelings


Love, attraxion, relationship, harmony and balance, sensuality, Yin
DS= sensually self indulgent, seductive and selfish


Motivation, chutzpah, aggression, Yang, raw power, impatience
DS= Conflict and war


Generous, jovial, large, expansive, fortune, spiritual and philosophical
DS= Excess of above, inability to walk the talk


Discipline, constrixion, boundaries, form, society, politix, law, time, serious
DS= Oppression and control freak


Exentric and unusual, maverick, rebellious, surprise and serendipity, electrical and inconsistent contradixion
DS= blind and destructive rebellion


Dreamer, nebulous and ethereal, dreams and fantasy, illusions, other worlds
DS= Illusions and disillusions, depression, addixions


Underworld death, transformation, inner depths resources
DS= Destruxion, death mayhem

Major Asteroids-

Chiron- Wounded healer instruxions, teaching and learning
Ceres- (Demeter) the Great Mother, productivity and nurturing
Pallas- (Athena)- Mind born wisdom, independence, cleverness and self reliance
Juno- (Hera)- the Great Goddess, feminine wisdom and guidance, dynamic
Vesta- (Hestia)- Dedicated and one pointed, commitment, purity, flame keeper

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