Libra 19

Equal Libra-um Inevitably Ensues

  • New Moon in Libra 9/28 11:26 AM
  • Full Moon in Aries 10/13 2:08 pm
  • Sun Enters Scorpio 10/23 10:20 AM

* All times given are West Coast US. Daylight Savings Time (DST) ends 11/3 at 2 AM everywhere it is observed.

The tides go in and out. The blood and salt water within us ebb and flow, sometimes impulsing us to suddenly take an action, change an attitude, or otherwise flow in a new direxion as the banks of our consciousness overflow in ways we cannot imagine until we live it. Then it is inevitable.

Libra brings with it the tides of Fall, when the equilibrium (Equal-Libra-um) tips the edge to the gateway to Winter. For many, this shift has been sudden and extreme this year, and what is mild on the surface is stirring potential extremes underneath, which will be played out in less than subtle ways over the coming season (plus one month, so shall we say “the coming Solar trine”, or 4 months.)

Libra is generally associated with balance and peace. There are many who are born under this influence (not just Sun sign, but bear in mind that about one eighth of those born in Northern Hemisphere have Libra Rising, another eighth with Scorpio Rising, by the way). Then there are Moons and other factors such as Venus, Mercury, and others, not to mention, but I will, all those born in the 1970’s and up to mid 1980’s that have Pluto in Libra, and so on.

There are many of us who would just aim to please as our first response, and most everyone is invested to some extent into having positive relations and feedback from others. One dark side of this is to avoid conflict, another is be obsessed with always balancing, often thru contradixion and needing to provide a contrasting viewpoint.

While Libran times generally stimulates us towards seeking harmonious resolution and balance, with the other planets involved, we can expect this Lunar month to be full of rebalancing acts, as well as karmic retribution for that which we avoided for too long. The Square with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and their changing direxion, is involved here.

This reminds me of the archetypal story of Nemesis, the Greek Goddess. This word has come to mean Arch Enemy but that is not at all the root vibration here. Nemesis was literally Divine Retribution, which is only something to fear if you were in such an unbalanced state that Her intervention was necessary. Nemesis is the inevitable consequences for actions that you have taken. This also can have a very positive connotation as well. All things have a cause and effect.

The more you cause, the more you affect. Each one of these affex have their own fractal and energy that interacts with all others and the spiral of cause and affect will come around. Now, in the time of Libra. Now, in the time when Pluto and Saturn are reversing course. Now when the Fall leaves turn color and we tidy up loose ends of the Summer. Now, in the present moment, which is the only moment that is possible.

Yes, that all sounds metaphoric and you are wondering if that is helpful? It is if you reflect and examine within your choices and the results thereof. The colored fractals may hide the black and white that you are looking for, but it is there, hidden in plain sight.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are/will be traversing Libra around now. Mercury in Libra enters Scorpio 10/3 (when Pluto goes direct, or forward), Venus is in Libra, after dancing around the Sun, until 10/8, and Mars enters Libra on 10/4 so we continue to have that presence. Mercury of course is about communications, which have been in the rebalance phase and now about to get more intense.

Venus joins this thru relationships and how we connect with others soon after- bringing the emotional intensity of Scorpio’s undercurrents to the currency of the current.

Then, Mars in Libra typically is a balancing act of diplomacy that sometimes doesn’t work when the shadows of all of those undercurrents are ignored, and that could easily occur under and just after the Full Moon at the middle of the month of October.

Libra also stimulates our social relations and the motivation to connect, to enrich our bonds together, and to feel included and belong.

Jupiter is still moving thru His own Sign Sagittarius until early December, which allows for truth and insight to percolate thru, especially now that the fog of the Square with Neptune in Pisces is now over, which has colored our consciousness for much of the year. So what did you learn here? What are the truths of the causes and affex that have influenced you of late? How are you going to walk with integrity in your next steps?

There are two large and looming players in this formula. One is Saturn and the other is Pluto, both going direct in Capricorn. (“Direct” is the opposite of “Retrograde”). This is usually great news, and is. First, when a planet comes out of retrograde (Rx), it is going from backwards to zero movement to forward and then picks up momentum. Remember this the next time that Mercury goes retrograde (11/1-21). Saturn came out of retrograde on 9/18 but is just now starting to accelerate.

Pluto comes out on the evening of 10/2, which is today for me. But it may be weeks before it seems to start to move. With Pluto in particular, the Rx cycle has 3 components- Direct for 5 months, Rx for 5 months, and stationary twice for a month each. The Stationary time may seem intense in affect and is stronger than the other two phases. All of the planets have this, it’s just that Pluto has it longer and His transformative and total nature stands out here.

We are in the middle of a substantial transformative shift here, regarding transformation and shifts in earth plane, life plans, business dealings, government, deal making, real estate, and so on- only the things which most people consider important and life changing. Square to Libra implies a rebalancing act and action.

Interesting to note that the Astrological symbol for Retrograde is Rx, which was later adopted by the medical community to indicate “Remedy” or healing. This was when Astrological medicine and medical practices still overlapped a few centuries ago. Ponder this. The Retrograde is also the remedy. The seemingly backward movement of the planets (which is real from our electromagnetic and earthly standpoint) is a remedy for the recent past, the Nemesis. This is one of the most important answers to the question “Why”.

Now let’s focus on the central character here, which is Saturn. For much of the Spring and half of the Summer, I was hearing lots of feedback from people who were feeling the effex of Saturn conjunct the South Node. This was in the realm of slow business, dealing with lots of loose ends and incompletes, difficulty in moving forward on Earth plane (one reason so many got attracted and distracted thru relationships and social aspex), and so on. This goes along with Saturn’s yearly Rx cycle, but we had the extremely unusual aspect of a long conjunxion with the South Lunar Node in the transits. That is because the Nodes naturally Rx most of the time, so these two Rxed together.

What does the South Lunar Node mean? It looks like an upside down horseshoe in the chart and is always opposite the North (Lunar) Node exactly. These are not personality traits but destiny lines. The N. Node relates to Dharma, or “right path forward” while the S. Node denotes Karma, the seeds that you have sewn and continue to sew thru habits and attitudes, and the area that you should be working on in order to manifest your destiny. These two naturally Rx most of the time and predict the Solar and Lunar Eclipses along their 18.61 year cycle.

Picture that Saturn and the S. Node (karmic repercussions and loose ends regarding earthly significant situations and physical environment, etc) have been tightly together since April except for August. This is highly unusual and very important. So, when does it end? Early to mid October, as Saturn moves forward and the Nodes continue backward.

After the peak of this week, when the Nodes also Square the Sun, after Venus, after Mercury, and Pluto goes direct and Saturn begins to pick up speed, then movement forward will occur. Are you ready for the next phase?

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