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AERIOUS and Mark S. McNutt have been weaving a tapestry of information together and seperately for 30 years now, and AERIOUS is presently celebrating a Saturn Return. Mark has been studying and professing Astrology and related metaphysical topics for over 50+ years and has developed an international reputation and following fostered more by word of mouth and individuals than thru the internet. The monthly Astrological Update is his free thank you to clients & supporters.


AERIOUS is a registered 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization which began with a metaphysical focus and has expanded over the decades into personal growth, healing arts, and environmental education. It is apolitical, yet believing that, like the hundredth monkey, people evolve when a significant number of the tribal members grow significantly and it spills over. That is, the world of humyns transforms when individuals evolve and share.

Under our Saturn Return, AERIOUSNews has recently opened our Youtube channel where we offer the Astrological Update, unique Yoga and health videos, permaculture farming sequences, and more. We will continue to add content as we go. Our longtime friend & associate Fern DeFay will be joining us for the Summer and adding content especially geared toward the Celtic Tree Year, Pagan Studies, and other topics that should prove to be highly informative and entertaining. So stay tuned.

AERIOUS also has been our partner for events, informative workshops and live seminars here at LivingWell Nature Sanxuary in Deadwood, OR. Due to the pandemic, our main function was put on the backburner and was limited to two small events last year- an Astrological day and the yearly Firewalk. Presently, due to extreme early Fire danger, we are unlikely to be hosting the Firewalk soon (Fall or not at all), the second time in 25 years that we have not had one, and it will be missed.

Yet we will be able to have small events here at LivingWell this summer, starting with an Astrological Play Day on Satyrday June 26th. More on this further on.

AERIOUS is active and coming out of the pandemic slumber to continue to share relevant and unique content thru AERIOUSNews and our Facebook page. We’re also happy to get new subscribers (free) and are seeking tax deductible donations to help fund our videos and related projects here & beyond. Here is the Paypal link for donating-


Thank you for who you are.

Read on for the Astro Play Day event.

Blessings now & always,

Mark S. McNutt for AERIOUS.


AERIOUS Presents-

Astrological Play Day with Mark S. McNutt

Satyrday, June 26th 11AM- 4 PM

At LivingWell Nature Spirit Sanxuary near Deadwood, OR

Cost is $40. Optional gourmet vegan Lunch for additional $12

Overnite camping available for additional $20 for full weekend.


Details: For all students of Astrology, from beginner to expert. Mark will be guiding us thru Lunar cycles and signs, eclipses and lunations, applied Astrology, lots of Q&A, plus fun group interaction including Astro*Charades (role playing) and much more. Some presentation details will be based on student requests and interests.

We will be limiting our group to 12 paying participants for focus and safety.

We expect good weather and an outside event at this time. If weather is uncooperative, we have plenty of room for appropriate social distancing in our indoor “great room” upstairs in the Straw Bale Octagon which we designed for such events.

Bring snacks & your comforts such as coffee & chocolate and perhaps a towel if you wish to splash in the creek. Your cell phone will not work here, so be prepared to disconnect from electronics and internet while you are here.

Overniters welcome- we are not “close in” and have always specialized in being a destination, an interactive woodland faerie habitat on Deadwood Creek full of trees & nature, trails and camping spots, designed as an interactive opportunity and getaway. The $20 fee for overnite camping is for any or all weekend, but please bring food to share and/or a potluck dish (vegetarian), and a Sunday brunch will also be provided.

Registration: for pre-registration, payments thru Paypal at that address link will secure your place. Do not register thru the “donations link” please. 30% of the proceeds go towards funding AERIOUS.

Personal contact can also be had at 541-964-5341, our home phone that does not accept texts. Messages can be made thru messenger.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Blessings for a beautiful Summer season!


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